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Building Inspiring Spaces

HVM was has been operating successfully since 1985. Initially focusing on boutique residential developments, HVM has expanded into larger higher end property development and new market segments.

Since its inception HVM has successfully planned and delivered a range of quality residential and commercial projects, including luxury homes, luxury townhouses, gated communities, apartment blocks, retail space, commercial showrooms, development of heritage listed property and civil infrastructure.

Our portfolio of developments has proven attractive to development companies, builders, corporate clients, as well as new real estate buyers. Through astute site selection, innovative design and quality construction, HVM is renowned within the industry for its high level of service professionalism and construction standards.

HVM’s team members bring a range of expertise and experience to our planning, development and construction programs. We also work closely with our business partners and clients to ensure the best results possible for each individual project.

With over 30 years of experience HVM is known for its business integrity, financial stability and market understanding, and with a genuine concern for stable growth, the company is set to reach new heights building into the future.